Autumn Fabric Release Date: September 19th, 2023 | 8:00 AM MDT

Lord willing, our Autumn Fabric Collection should be released at 8:00 AM MDT, on September 19, 2023.

Our Autumn Fabric Samples were mailed on August 30, 2023.

Please check back here for the exact release date and other updates.

Elegant & Unique Fabrics

Our fabrics are printed on a small scale, keeping prints on trend, new, & fresh.

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  • On-Trend Prints

    We watch the market trends carefully, and try to stay up-to-date with current print trends.

  • Fresh & New Designs

    We seldom re-print fabric designs, keeping prints fresh & new. Our designs & colours are often unique to us.

  • Small Scale Printing

    Our fabrics are printed on a small scale, allowing us to frequently bring in new designs. We value uniqueness.

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Wholesale Collection Previews




  • DTY Knit Fabric

    DTY Fabric stands for Drawn Textured Yarn, and is a smooth, somewhat soft and cool knit fabric with good drape and recovery. Fabric has a bit of a shine, and wears really well.  Great for dresses, elegant tops, skirts, etc.  

  • Mini Rib Knit Fabric

    Mini Rib Knit Fabric is a smooth, slightly shiny knit fabric, with mini rib lines running vertically across the fabric.  Breathable, with good drape.  Fabrics has good horizontal stretch, and a slight vertical stretch.  Great for dresses and tops, and a good fabric choice for warm summer days.  

  • Double Brushed Knit Fabric

    Double Brushed Poly Fabric is a soft knit fabric that has undergone a brushing process, creating a soft feel on both sides of the fabric.  Light to medium weight, this fabric has a good drape and 4-way stretch.  This fabric holds up well to pilling, and is less clingy than other brands of double brushed fabric.  Great for tops, dresses, leggings for layering, etc. 

  • Brushed Mini Rib Knit Fabric

    Brushed Mini Rib Knit Fabric is a soft, brushed knit fabric with mini rib lines running vertically across the fabric. The fabric is buttery soft, and has good horizontal stretch, and some vertical stretch. Great for dresses, tops, and leggings. A versatile fabric with many possible options!